Next Generation offers solutions to reduce part damage due to contact during production, storage, and transport processes. We manufacture innovative protective products that are used by OEM’s and parts producers, metal rack manufacturers, sequence centers, and assembly facilities.

Damage caused by part to part contact or part contact with machine or structure surfaces or by human oversight causes part mutilation during WIP, storage or transport. Our systems pay for themselves by alleviating part mutilation issues, and they improve your quality control as the improvements are appreciated by your customers. This improves your piece rate output, reduces parts rejected, reduces your storage footprint and all of the associated costs. Most importantly, they demonstrate to your customers your investments in continuous improvements and the importance you place on their needs.

Mutilation Protection, ISD, Damage, scratch, scuff, gouge, scrape, WIP, reusable, expendable, dunnage, bins and totes

Our systems pay for themselves by alleviating part mutilation issues, INCREASING PART PACK DENSITY and improving your customer relations

The design, prototyping and supply of a broad range of innovative protective solutions has been our success since 1996.

• 1996 Started ISO quality production of coated PVC textile sales for OEM approved automotive packaging

• 1998 Added PVC laminated textiles, introduced bonded tricot and laminate for A class parts protection, all OEM approved

• 2000 Flame bonded foam and textiles are added to OEM product line up

• 2005 Moved Mt. Forest, ON facility to Guelph, ON.

• 2010 Expanded manufacturing investments starting our cut & sew operations

• 2011 Added heat lamination and bonding services

• 2013 Doubled our production of textile cut & sew operations

• 2014 CAD design & CNC web cutting technologies for textiles, films, and plastic & corrugated sheet

• 2015 Work started on our heat molding projects for improved dimensional foam products

• 2016 Ovens and forms in place for heat molding processes

• 2016 Added In The Box reusable and expendable packaging solutions & installation services for collapsible crates & tote

• 2016 Added PSA lamination, designed and introduced many new laminations and stock products, increased sewing capacity

• 2017 Expanded our services and converting to include XLPE water-jet cut, and 3 & 5 Axis machined foam dunnage, plastics with installation services

• 2017 Added a catalogue for easy purchasing of stocked, user-friendly mutilation solutions and supplies

• 2018 Enhanced 3D CAD design & concept using data from Solid Works, CATIA, Unigraphics, STEP, IGES, DXF, Parasolid

• 2018 Increased our services to include assembly of plastic sheet, plastic corrugated, XLPE, hot melt, welding of WIP packaging

If you require systems to reduce part mutilation damage due to ISD, scratches, scuffs or gouges and want to improve packaging costs; we focus on serving customers with innovative, North American made, high quality, cost-saving product solutions.

Serving the trade since 1996

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