We offer samples & starter kits so you can evaluate how BumpIT ISD products work in your environment.  Your team will easily visualize how to address internal system part damages and include solutions in your 5S strategies.


Our 5S Protective Solutions sample range offers an excellent "touch, see, try it out" kit for productive team meetings.  We include our DIY surface materials, molded tubes, angles and wraps that easily fit round, square and rectangular bars, beams and posts.  We include removable rack entry / exit protectors, water jet cut XLPE foam and our ranges of Surface and Padded PSA Tapes.


Starter Kits

Starter kits include everything to tryout out our mutilation products at a 10% discount!


Each kit will include 6mm padded products as a main feature, and will include sufficient PVC tapes and Micro Fleece tapes as well as PVC Padded Tapes and Micro Fleece padded tapes, plus either PSA double sided tape or extra PSA Hook and Loop tapes for mounting.


Each item in a kit can be cut to your specific requirement and will give you a good understanding of how our these products work together.  You can then purchase more kits, or more products as required.

We will custom design a kit for you based on the project you are considering.

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